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Honestly Healthy's introduction to alkaline eating

posted on Wednesday, 21st January 2015 | find under Nutrition
One of the biggest names in food blogging, Natasha Corrett of Honestly Healthy is on a mission to end fad diets and replace them with clear everyday lifestyle advice. In the first of four guest blogs as the new #GetFit4Free nutrition partner, Natasha explains exactly what her alkaline eating plan is all about… 

The ethos behind Honestly Healthy is to eat predominately alkaline foods, most of which are plant-based, to improve your health and reduce your risk of numerous diseases. Research has shown that cutting acid-forming foods like meat, dairy and refined sugar out of your daily food intake can have a direct influence on your health both in the present and well into the future. By taking action now, we can help to promote a long, healthy life and avoid the need to undo any damage down the line.    

Before discovering the theory of alkaline eating, I felt sluggish, bloated and moody. My skin looked dull and my nails were always flaky. But soon after I changed my diet, my energy levels and appearance improved dramatically.  Making these kinds of changes can be a little tricky at first, but I’m here to help you and with a little forward planning it doesn’t have to be as time-consuming as you might think. 

Plan your meals around what you are doing in your life, and around the activities that require you to feel nourished and supported. Are you going to do a big workout today? If so make sure that you are going to fuel it correctly. Understanding how the body uses food as fuel is the main part of supporting yourself so that you have lots of energy and feel fantastic. 

The first week is always the most challenging – especially if you eat red meat daily and tend to drink a lot of wine or caffeine. But once you get through that first hurdle, the benefit you’ll enjoy when you reach the other side is better health inside and out. It’s also important to incorporate balance in your life, so I’m a big advocate of the 70/30 rule. 70% of the time you follow the Honestly Healthy way, and the other 30% of the time you let your hair down and eat what you like. 

Of course, to be the healthiest version of yourself it’s also essential to get regular exercise into your life. Sweaty Betty’s new Fly Flex Flow workout is an amazing time-saver because it combines all your cardio, conditioning and flexibility training in a single one-hour workout – and doing it three times a week will make a wonderful difference to your wellbeing. To support your #GetFit4Free journey, I’ve created three recipes specifically designed to refill your energy stores and maximise your results. 

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