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Face Yoga now in London!

posted on Tuesday, 15th December 2009 | find under Nutrition

As many of you regular blog readers will be aware, I am the U.K's leading Face Yoga Expert. I am a huge fan of Face Yoga as it makes so much sense to train the muscles in our face, just like we do our body. And the best news is that the muscles in the face are so small (we have 57 muscles just in our face!) so the results are even quicker than when we do Yoga for our bodies. Face Yoga teaches you how to relax your face on a day to day basis, how to massage it for vitality, for circulation and for that rosy glow and how to exercise it to become toned and wrinkle free.

In the new year I will be in London about once a month offering Face Yoga one to one tuition. Just one session is enough to give you all the tools and tricks you need to practice face yoga on your self at home.



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