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Embracing fitness, spring and 80's Lifeguard!

posted on Monday, 1st March 2010 | find under 

It's a well known fact that by February and March most of us mere mortals have fallen off the fitness wagon. We begin to see and feel the effects of all the hard work we put in at the gym over January and then what do we do?.....we reach for a Cadbury cream egg and it's all over!!!!

This year I have decided (with a little help from my team!) to go the opposite way. I've ditched the cream eggs and instead kick start my week with a little Power Yoga. It is all about participation and practicing what we preach. And boy does it feel good!

I have set myself a task over the next few weeks to participate in all of my shops clubs. Each week across the 9 stores that I manage there are almost 20 clubs to attend....for FREE!!! Nordic walking, running, Pilates, yoga, cardio circuits, you name it, I am going to do it! The motivation you may ask? A combination of the feel good factor that exercise generates, but also to prepare for some of the beautiful new swimwear collections that are arriving in store over the next few weeks. First up, 80's Lifeguard is touching down this week. We are leaving the winter behind and embracing the lead up to spring/summer!

Casey, Area manager

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nicola on Embracing fitness, spring and 80's Lifeguard!
By nicola - 28th September 2010
How are the classes going??!
P on Embracing fitness, spring and 80's Lifeguard!
By P - 28th September 2010
That sounds like my dream job. I already spend every moment of my free time trying to sample as many different sports as I can... to legitimately do it as part of your job sounds envy-enducing to me!
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