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Day 23: Don’t Go It Alone

posted on Tuesday, 23rd September 2014 | find under Tamara, Fitness, Nutrition
Exercising with others can be hugely beneficial, especially if you’re lacking motivation or you’re just getting started. Here are five reasons why group exercise classes like our in-store Hiitgirl workouts are a good thing…

  1. It’s fun. Being physically active alongside others is a bit like returning to the playground. It’s a chance to feel young again, let go and feed off others’ energy.
  2. You won’t quit. It’s easy to give up an exercise programme if you’ve only got yourself for company, but you’re less likely to stop if you attend a regular class. Remember to book in-store on Monday, for the Hiitgirl Tuesday class.
  3. It’s safe. If the 30 Day Sweat Challenge is the first exercise you’ve done for a while, a structured class with a warm up, cool down and an eagle-eyed instructor will help keep you injury-free.
  4. You’ll work harder. With an instructor motivating you, you’ll soon realise that you can push your personal boundaries and achieve a lot more than you thought.
  5. It’s social. Group fitness is a great way to meet people just like you. Finding people with similar interests can be a huge motivator in class and will mean you’re more likely to come back.
Can't make it to an in-store class? Round up some friends/ housemates/family members and attack the Hiitgirl video at home below ...

It's time to move onto day 24.
Any Plans For An Aberdeen Store
By Anonymous - 24th September 2014
I'm thoroughly enjoying the hiitgirl workouts in my living room, but would love some company - any plans for a store in Aberdeen??
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