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Diary Of A Workout Wardrobe: Calgary Avansino

posted on Wednesday, 30th April 2014 | find under Tamara, Fashion , Fitness, Nutrition
Meet Calgary Avansino.

A name now synonymous with health, fitness and delicious juice recipes, Calgary has been on the employee list of fashion bible Vogue for the last 13 years. An intern turned Beauty Assistant turned Executive Fashion & Digital Project Director, Calgary left her full-time role in 2013 to become the magazine's Contributing Editor; a position she balances with her own ventures in the world of wellness.

The go-to authority on all things health, California-born, London-based Calgary is a lover of all kinds of workouts from barre to yoga to HIIT -  and judging by her Instagram feed, she excels at them too!

Here, Calgary shares her Diary Of A Workout Wardrobe, taken during a trip to Malibu, USA.

Calgary wears the Double Time Run Vest & Stardust Run Tights

Day: Monday
Workout: Hiking

Nothing beats hiking the mountains of Southern California. The scenery is breathtaking and at this time of year, it is the perfect temperature for hikes. I always wear layers, and if you're hiking fast enough you should be down to your sports bra by the time you reach the summit.

Calgary wears the Urdhva Leggings and Athlete Vest

Day: Tuesday
Workout: High intensity interval training

Whenever I'm with my sister, we always create our own HIIT routine - pushing eachother to do each session to the max. We alternate between high-knees, speed skaters, burpees, jumping jacks, push-ups, high jumps and fast runs on the spot, until we just can't do any more.

Calgary wears the Heart Rate Training Top and Kicker Run Capris

Day: Wednesday
Workout: Running

I am not a distance runner - 40 minutes is a long run for me. But whenever I'm on holiday, I love going out and running the roads to take in a new city. I always seem to run far longer than when I'm in London or on a treadmill. The terrain in Malibu was hilly, so I definitely felt it in my calves the next day! 
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