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Day 19: Thigh Burner

posted on Thursday, 18th September 2014 | find under 
Emma and Charlotte from Lunges & Lycra challenge you to see how many jumping lunges you can do in one minute. Stop watch at the ready... Remember to keep good form throughout, especially when you get tired.

Lunges & Lycra's Charlotte wears the Chandrasana 3/4 Yoga LeggingsCoupe Layered Dance Vest and Training Over Tee

Lunge benefits
Lunges are one of the best lower-body exercises, right up there with squats and step-ups. They work your glutes (the muscles in your butt), your quads (the muscles at the front of your thighs) and also work your hamstrings (the muscles at the back of your thighs) .

When you do a lunge, you force your hip flexors to stretch too, the muscles you use to bend or flex your legs at your hips. Tight hip flexors are often to blame for lower back pain, especially if you sit at a desk all day. You can get a good hip stretch if you place your back knee on the floor and lean forward slowly from your hips.

The Basic Lunge
Before you do your jumping lunges challenge, make sure you've mastered the correct technique for the move.
  1. Stand upright and engage your core muscles.
  2. Take a long step forward and lower your body until your back knee almost touches the floor. 
  3. Step back so that your feet are together. 
  4. Repeat with the other leg. 
Tackle your technique
Make sure your front knee doesn't extend over your front toes as you go into the lunge position and keep your hips square. If the move is too difficult, start with a shorter step and avoid going too deep into the move.
The Jumping Lunge

1. Begin in a lunge position
2. Jump up and quickly swap leg positions in mid-air, keeping your core tight and torso straight.
3. Raise your hands to gain height.
4. Land in the lunge position and bend your knees to absorb the impact.
5. Launch straight into the next jump switching your feet again and landing in the original lunge position.

1 Power up

2. Right leg forward

3. In the air

4. Jump

5. Land left leg forward

Lunges & Lycra's Charlotte wears the Chandrasana 3/4 Yoga LeggingsCoupe Layered Dance Vest and Training Over Tee

Time to move onto day 20.
Strong Technique, Nice Setting, Cool Clothes :-)
By Derek - 19th September 2014
Looking good... liking the strong technique, the pretty flowery urban setting and the cool outfit! Kudos to the model and the ace photographer :-D
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