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Danielle's interview with author, Lucy Edge

posted on Tuesday, 1st December 2009 | find under 

I loved your new book, ‘The Handbag and Wellies Yoga Club’. It follows your journey from a busy, city life to a slower, quieter country life. How has living this new life affected your health and happiness?

I have learnt to live a slower pace of life. I must admit it wasn’t easy at first. I had to go through a period of adjustment. It was like living in a different time zone. For example, I had to be patient while being stuck behind tractors! So at first I almost felt more stressed. After a while I adjusted and started to really enjoy it. I stopped timing myself on walks and I took everything a bit slower. I now love the fresh air (apart from when the manure is on the fields!) and I eat better as the local foods are great. There is good bread, good fruit and veg and lovely artisan foods. I also have lots of time to do Yoga. I have been attending a local class for a year. Although the classes around here are not as regular as they were in London, I take time everyday to do around half an hour of sun salutations and standing asanas. I have also taken up jogging now. I am finding it so exhilarating and once I get through the first ten minutes of sheer agony, I start to feel fantastic. I find that running outside is definitely harder than in the gym! Overall, I now feel so much better than I did before I moved to the country. It is a combination of the exercise, food, fresh air and getting from A to B is much easier as well!

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