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Dancers pose, a step-by-step guide

posted on Friday, 6th July 2012 | find under Fitness

Local Ambassador, Julie Montagu, gives us a step-by-step guide to perfecting her favouirte pose, Dancers (Natarajasana). Mats at the ready...
Step 1
Inhale: bring weight into left leg and lift right foot towards right buttock, holding inside edge of foot or ankle with right hand.
Exhale: draw knees together.
Step 2
Inhale: lift left arm to sky, palm facing forward.Tuck tailbone and engage core.
Exhale: keeping the hips square, begin to kick out and up through the right leg. 
Step 3
Inhale: keep kicking the leg and allow the arm and upper body to move down towards parallel with floor.
Breathing here keep the balance by fixing the focus straight ahead past the hand and kicking strongly through right foot.
Exhale: gently move body back to vertical, releasing the right foot and arms back to mountain pose (tadasana).
Repeat on the left side.
Top Tips:
Use the challenge of the balance to explore and play with your edge. If you fall out of the pose, simply re-centre, breathe a few deep breaths then try again. Falling out of the pose is a good sign as it means that you are challenging the boundaries of your "comfort zone". Try to keep the torso as upright as possible for as long as possible - focusing first on generating the backbend by kicking out through the lifted leg and feeling the stretch in the front thigh. Keep the core muscles strong throughout to avoid and overarching or pressure in the lower back.

Aside from being a Sweaty Betty Local Ambassador and helping us empower women through fitness in her local community, Julie is a Power Yoga Instructor and Nutritionist (Co-Founder of www.inourish.co.uk). Julie can be contacted at julie@inourish.co.uk.
By Laryssa - 18th July 2012
One of my favourite postures! Along with my manduka mat and tiny devotions earth stack to stay grounded!
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