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CORE BLAST WEEK ONE - Let's Get Physical

posted on Thursday, 26th August 2010 | find under 

SO it's September next Wednesday Betties!  I know this because I'm moving back to Essex on Wednesday but I also know this because my inbox is starting to get busy with people wanting training sessions and wanting to find out about classes and courses.  It's the September gym boom. In my book usually busier than the New Year boom.  So now is the time to get in shape ready for your Christmas parties and to shed any excess pounds gained over our very short summer.

But whilst sweat, grunt, sweat is great for your training, the smartest girls know that beautiful bodies require balance. By this I mean sweat, grunt, stretch, breathe, eat, sleep!

There has been a lot in the media recently about core training and whether it's all it's cracked up to be.  So given it's Get Fit For Free time again and given I'm a Pilates instructor, I figured it was about time we explored the core!  Or basically got down to how we can really train those lovely torsos to keep you fit, strong and injury free.

Now I'm not talking about breathing, Granny Pilates here.  I'm talking about getting a sweat on with some gritty core training that's going to make your booty a beauty and your abs, fab. Get dynamic girlies.

Before we get stuck in, here are just a few common pitfalls people make (and I see this every day) when they are 'training their core':

  • Performing ab work by sucking the tummy in, pressing the spine into the floor and not breathing, thereby going bright red in the face and often accidentally bottom burping!
  • Doing the hardest level possible and hoping for the best eg: performing double leg stretches with the back swinging up away from the floor.
  • Training abs, abs again and more abs in the hope that this is all that is required of core training.  Think again ... what did your back, your glutes or your shoulders ever do to offend you and get left out of the party?

That last one really brings me on to the hub of the issue.  Core isn't just abs.  Your core is really your torso. If you think about neck to thighs and all the bits in between you are pretty close.  And actually you don't absolutely have to train your core muscles in isolation to the rest of your workout, you can incorporate some great exercises into your strength training workouts, just don't sit back and think your running and abs blast alone are going to give you a beautiful, injury free body.

Dynamic Core Training to me is exercises that get us back to nature.  If you were to survive in a jungle, what actions would you have to perform?

  • Picking stuff off the floor = SQUATS
  • Climbing = PULL-UPS
  • Pulling out roots/plants = DEADLIFTS and ROWS

So these are the exercises to start with.  Before you try out power plate or Vipr or any other new fangled, gimmicky, fitness fad out there get your beautiful self into a gym, with some weights, then squat, deadlift, pull-up and row.  You could spend 20 minutes in an abs blast class but believe me, nothing will train your abs, butt, legs and back faster than these four exercises done with great technique.

Next time - neutral spine ....


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