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Calling all marathon runners

posted on Tuesday, 24th April 2012 | find under Fitness

Race booked, charity selected, training complete. There are no shortcuts to running a marathon. It’s a test of dedication and endurance for the body and mind. So marathon runners we want to reward you...

If you have run a marathon in the last month, take your medal along to any Sweaty Betty boutique and claim an exclusive 50% off your order. Not near a store? Send a picture of you and your medal to customercare@sweatybetty.com along with your contact details and we’ll be in touch to place the order for you.
Offer valid until 3rd May 2012.
Major Marathon
By Sweaty Betty - 8th May 2012
Hi Charis, Please email customercare@sweatybetty.com and they will get back to you. Thanks, Sweaty Betty
Major Marathon
By Charis Doherty - 6th May 2012
Dear SB, OK so my sister is running the Kielder Marathon in October, and I/ve been training alongside her for support, but think the 50% marathon reward could tempt me to sign up alongside her - can we send you a tired but proud pic of us both plus medals in October? Or is that just too late? Much love from a hopeful fan! X
Marathon Discount
By Sweaty Betty - 3rd May 2012
Hi there, Please send your photo to customercare@sweatybetty.com. Thanks and congratulations! Sweaty Betty
Marathon Discount
By Anonymous - 26th April 2012
I would like to apply for this 50% discount having just run the London Marathon.... what is the email address to send the photo to?
Mini Marathon
By Mary Russell - 26th April 2012
Hi, My 13 year old daughter, Hannah Russell has just run the London mini marathon. Does this count for the 50% discount? Kind regards, Mary Russell
By LINDSEY CROSBIE - 25th April 2012
Ran London Marathon on Sunday, 6th Marathon in 3 years, running Edinburgh in 4 weeks!!
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