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Behind the scenes of Autumn Winter 2014

posted on Wednesday, 30th July 2014 | find under Tamara, Fashion
After months of anticipation, Sweaty Betty's edgiest collection yet has finally arrived in-store and online. Entitled 'Hidden Treasures In An Urban Jungle', the new Autumn Winter 2014 collection was first thought up during a trip to Milan. Here, Sweaty Betty's Founder and Creative Director Tamara shares her inspirations and some behind-the-scenes insights on the new lines, plus reveals her favourite piece from the collection. 

The idea of a collection called ‘Hidden Treasures In An Urban Jungle’ was initially inspired by an image seen while on a visit to our Eurojersey fabric supplier in Milan. With lace and flowers alongside an image of buildings; it juxtaposed something beautiful against a rugged, derelict and unexpected background.
The Autumn Winter 2014 collection focuses on the strength of women in sport – femininity with an edge. It’s about challenges - from the art of parkour, to practicing dance to the highest level, to ski touring. It is about breaking boundaries in an intense physical way, but at the same time, celebrating women. It is less about competing against one another; more focused on the communal feeling of working out together and finding new and exciting ways of keeping fit.
Inspiration was taken from the beautiful images of the Ballerina Project and the discipline of parkour - free running through the streets and movements more reminiscent of ballet or gymnastics.
We looked at the outfits of women who do free running - really functional, urban kit such as baggy trackpants and hoodies. The designers added femininity and a touch of sexiness and came up with pieces such as the Tadasana Sweat Pants and the Parivrtta Sweat Hoody.
The urban nature of the collection is clear in prints such as the city lights, and more subtle in the concrete-grey marls. We were inspired by the vibrantly-coloured graffiti that covers cities worldwide, from London to New York, using it to create prints and give floral patterns an edgier vibe.  Bodycon silhouettes and bold statement prints were big for us this season, and combined with the highly technical and premium fabrics, make this Sweaty Betty’s most standout collection to date.

One of my favourite pieces from the new lines is the camo floral Zero Gravity Tight. This season we used a more intensely Lycra-ed Sensitive fabric that gives a really fabulous shape – super sculpting and a bit more supportive than previous seasons.  The camo floral is a subtle print, black on grey, which I love as it means it can be worn out of the gym too, and the mesh panels at the knee and reflective bonding are so sexy. It’s an awesome running piece that will definitely be finding a place in my fashion wardrobe as well.
As for the styling, I like to mix unexpected pieces together: knitwear with technical, ski with yoga, fake fur with underwear, to create unusual silhouettes and get people to look at our product in a different way.  Everyone is used to sportswear being worn in the typical way, so I like to challenge the status quo.  Layering is also very important to me; sheer layers over fluro pops is a signature look of mine.  The right hat, cool shoes, the way you wear a loose top tucked in, or pants worn high on the waist – all of it is important to me to get it just right.
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