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After a good pummelling......

posted on Tuesday, 29th September 2009 | find under Tamara, Nutrition

Nice trip to the physio. Some good news. Yes he has given me an assurance.... that the pain I am currently feeling in both arches of my feet won't get any worse before New York if I see him every week between now and then. Comforting. The current agony won't get any more painful! Think sitting with a bag of frozen peas on my feet every night could be a cheaper option?! But seriously my feet do feel better for a really good pummelling and I am allowed to start running again properly. So come October 1st, I am officially off the vino and into a month of pasta. I am off to a dinner party now so with 2 days to go before abstinence kicks in, I am sure going to enjoy myself!

Baby V on After a good pummelling......
By Baby V - 28th September 2010
Yay your foot is getting better and i have two sundays off in a row and desperate to get back into running....up for a bit of a light run on Sunday?? x
Seema on After a good pummelling......
By Seema - 28th September 2010
Really good to hear your foot is getting better, shame about the vino though ;) x
Ida on After a good pummelling......
By Ida - 28th September 2010
Good luck!
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