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5 Tips to Looking & Feeling Fantastic

posted on Tuesday, 16th November 2010 | find under Tamara, Fitness

Today we are looking at 5 easy tips to look and feel totally fantastic...

Using these tips, looking after your physical, mental and spiritual self, can be easier than you ever imagined.

Here they are summarised in five easy steps, so that you can incorporate them into your day, no matter how stressed or busy you or your day may become.... and they will have you finishing your day, energised and healthy, both looking and feeling fantastic.

Step 1. Drink water as soon as you wake up
Upon waking drink 500 mls. Yip, drink water even before you get out of bed. Watch how quickly your head de-fuzzes and how energetically you leap out of bed within 5 -10 minutes dying to go to the loo! A fool proof way of getting rid of your snooze button forever!

Step 2. Do a few minutes of early morning bed yoga
Okay after drinking your water I reckon you have 5-10 minutes before you need to go to the bathroom. So, make the most of that time by doing stretchy snoozy yoga in bed. Be super gentle to begin. 3 quick and easy stretches I do every day...

- Lie on your back and pull your knees to your chest, one at a time and hold for 30 seconds - a minute, then change legs. And then both legs to your chest together and hold for 1 minute...

- Then roll on your side and try a nice gentle stretchy full body twist by bending your right leg over your straight left leg and look to the right for a minute and swap sides...

- Sit up gently, on the edge of the bed, with your feet flat on the floor and drop your head between your legs and hands on the ground. Stretch through the lower back for a minute and stretching your spine straight and hands all the way up, eyes looking at the ceiling...

Step 3. Green up at breakfast time with superfoods
Eat chlorella every day. It's green. It's a superfood, packed full of protein. You can get it in a powder or tablet form. I prefer the tablet as it's easier to eat. But I know some people who actually prefer the powder and mix it up with juice or water. Personally I think that's more like pond water but each to their own ;) Really it doesn't matter so long as you take it - accredited with overwhelming health benefits such as longevity, gets rid of hayfever, anti-aging, high in nutrients, and a cost effective super food.

Another great option is to have a smoothie first thing in the morning. As you start to accustomise to smoothies, add in a handful of fresh baby spinach. It will be green, but don't be alarmed, it will still taste fabulous! As you get accustomised to drinking a green smoothie, you can reduce the fruit and increase the levels of greens you add into the smoothie.

Step 4. Eat real food for breakfast and organise some snacks for your day
Always spend a few minutes in the morning getting your health right. I always find when I set myself up right in the morning for a healthy day I have one. If I don't it's so much harder to... Have a fresh juice if you can find the time (mine takes no longer than 10 minutes from juicing and cleaning the juicer) or a cinnamon tea. Cinnamon tea is great for eliminating sugar cravings. Make it healthy and taste great - eat lots of fresh fruit, soaked nuts, energy foods and no sugary or junky cereals as they are full of sugars, chemicals and colourings that do not give you nutrients but actually confuse your body.

Pack yourself some morning and afternoon snacks, for your day. I like to snack on carrots, celery, hummous, pesto, tomato, avocado, boiled egg, left over fish, veges, salad, rice cakes, ryvita biscuits, miso soup or soup.

Step 5. Know that putting yourself first is not selfish but is actually kind and loving
Yes, ladies and gentlemen! Nourish your mind and body with LOVE. Be responsible for you. Especially when you have a family and job and have to constantly be thinking about others. The most important thing today, (even if people think you are being selfish) is to look after YOU and your needs. Do one kind thing to yourself and know that your mind and body are connected, so when you are loving your mind, you are loving your body and when you are loving your body, you are loving your mind.

These 5 tips will have you looking and feeling fantastic if you can create them into a daily habit for yourself. Drop me a note on the comment box below and let me know how these tips work for you and also what you do on a regular basis to create a fantastic day for yourself.

For more inspiration see...www.TransformWithKatrina.com

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