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25 hours in the day

posted on Tuesday, 8th December 2009 | find under Tamara

There is no easy way to fit training in and no magic solution. If you have a large amount of sport to do in a week, then like me, you probably plan your week around your training rather than the other way round. If i am on an out of town shop visit then it means a 5am start to fit in a run, and because its too dark to run in the park it also means a different route. The longer my training runs get, the earlier the alarm clock has to go off.  If i have friends to see in the evening then either i need to do a double session in the morning or a session near a shop in the day. And we all know about my difficult eating habits!  i constantly carry sportswear and a towel in my bag- just in case! It is a second career and takes a lot of time and planning but for me it's totally worth it. I belive in this way of life, but i know that it is not for everyone. This level of training wont last forever, i know that. But there will always be a high level of competitions and there will always be a race to enter. I guess what i am saying is that for those of you who sometimes blame lack of time on not getting heathier, well i know that its hard but somehow please just try. Its worth it.

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