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Where We're Training This Week AquaCycling NYC

posted on Thursday, 17th July 2014 | find under 
Always keen to try a workout that takes the traditional to the next level, this week saw the Sweaty Betty USA team take their training to the city's first and only cycling studio offering workouts in a pool. Hugely popular in Europe and now in NYC, the team got kitted up in their swimwear ready to test this new must-try fitness class.

Walking into the three-storey boutique studio in New York City's TriBeCa, the light and airy decor (high ceilings, exposed brick walls and wooden tiled floors) and tranquil vibe make the team feel instantly relaxed. Designed as a mix between a chic loft-style penthouse, high-profile fitness space and wellness-promoting spa, this is undoubtedly one of the coolest and most beautiful studios around.

Changed into their swimwear and ready to go, the Sweaty Betty team climbed onto their spin bikes submerged in a pool of water, feeling a little dubious about this upgrade to their regular spin class. The workout itself is held in a pool beneath a high glass ceiling that allows natural light to pour in, while evening classes are candlelit for added atmosphere. Simple white tiling around the edges means the music echoes artfully around the studio as the team spin to the beat.

While spinning focuses predominantly on the legs and core, this fusion workout gets the entire body moving. The usual ride styles are used here too (e.g. sprints and transitioning from sitting to standing), with the addition of a move that involves floating behind the bike, treading water with your arms while your feet are still strapped to the pedals.


Set to a pumping soundtrack (each instructor has their own style and music that varies from Beethoven to chart-toppers), the class was particularly intensive on the arms - with exercises being performed both in and out of the water. This included two types of tricep dips; one off the bike using your seat, and another that involved pulsing your arms above your head while keeping the legs moving on the pedals.

A favourite move of #TeamSB was when they were instructed to slide off behind the seat into the water and hold on to the handlebars, forcing them to pedal in a more horizontal seating position. Compared to their regular spin classes, the team found AquaCycling much more technical in terms of mastering the correct positions to ensure you feel the effects of the workout in your core and legs. Due to the added resistance of the water, Aqua Studio say that this innovative workout can burn up to 800 calories per class, and tone parts of the body much more effectively that normal spinning. An impact-free workout that doesn't put any stress on the joints, their trainers inform the team that AquaCycling not only promotes better circulation and sleep, but also enhances flexibility and recovery.
So how did the team feel afterwards? "Super invigorated, and even though I've worked out hard, my muscles still feel nicely stretched out and relaxed. I'd recommend this class to everyone wanting to experience something unique and to add another level to their weekly workout."

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