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Sweaty Betty exams

Welcome to the "exam page"!

You must be very excited to be taking one of our exams - and especially now they are online and updated with all the latest info. No doubt you will have been swotting madly with the use of our product manuals so there is nothing to be afraid of.

These exams are nice and straightforward - but please be aware of the following before you start:

•You are allowed to take the exams outside of shop hours only - we want the customers to have our undivided attention! If you do take an exam during shop hours, you cannot pass (even if you know all the answers!)

•You need to use your Retail Pro log-in to start.

•The time limit for the exam is 25 mins, after which you will automatically fail (sorry!)

•The questions are multiple choice, so require you to select correct answers from a selection of options.

• Sometimes the question prompts you for more than one response - in order to continue you must select the total number of answers requested.

•After each question you will be given the correct answer, so hopefully this confirms your choice. If not, however and you have got a question wrong, you will learn from your mistakes!

•At the end of the exam, you will be told whether you have passed - the pass mark is 80%.

Once your pass is registered, this information goes to Katie who, depending on your position will have the all-important job of adjusting your salary upwards!!

If you do fail an exam, it is possible to re-sit it once you have done some more swotting - but so it's not too easy, it will be a different version of that particular exam...

Good luck!

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