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As proud users of Merino in sport and in celebration of Wool Week (15-22nd October) here’s a reminder of why our merino products are the perfect partner for your winter run. A natural, sustainable performance fabric, this super fine wool comes from Merino sheep and has a huge number of technical attributes. Merino wool is matchless for moisture control and regulating body temperature, it is also breathable, absorbs odour, is durable and has a super soft hand feel. So cast aside any associations with bulky, itchy wooly jumpers - merino is designed to be worn against the skin or as a mid-layer. Check out the triumph merino run top below.

The Woolmark Company is a not for profit organisation driving the research, development and marketing of Australian Merino wool. Owned by over 29,000 Australian woolgrowers The Woolmark Company works right through the supply chain from sheep to shop. The Woolmark is a registered trademark of The Woolmark Company. In UK, Eire, HK and India the Woolmark symbol is a certification trademark.

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