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march 2007 size zero survey results

Top answers to survey question "What would you do to burn off £50 worth of Green and Black's chocolate?" in our March 2007 Size Zero survey
Use the wrappers to cover myself in (as an impromptu sweatsuit) and dance around my house, wearing my highest heels.
I would sit in the lotus position and meditate "this will not make me fat, this will not make me fat..."
I would run to the furthest sweaty betty from my house, shop excessively and enjoy the endorphin rush!
Just like Forest Gump, I would run and run and run!
Does clicking the mouse to buy items on sweatyBetty count as exercise?!
If i got the Halle Berry body , I'd have no problem getting my prefferred method of weight control - sexercise!
Ideally, lots of sex with the "local hot guy"!!
Run to the shops to buy bigger knickers
Dancing like a loony in a nightclub followed by ... shhhh not telling !!!
Run the london marathon in a bikini trying to catch up with that rabbit --olympian paula radcliffe
Treadmill, body pump, step class during the week and dancing all night and hot sex all weekend :-)
Have mad sex, but only because the G&B will make me want to do that, not because I think I have to burn off the calories
Sell it to my husband to buy a matching Sweaty Betty top (unless its Dark & Almond - I'll keep that)
Run more, hold the warrior pose for longer and shake my booty on the dancefloor - not at the same time tho
Don myself head to foot in sweaty betty attire and do star jumps in my living room to dance songs!
Wear my sB roll downs so I look cool whilst getting red faced, hot and not bothered at the gym.
Five spinning classes, two body balance classes and one Sweaty Betty shopping spree.
I suppose i`d have to take George Clooney up on his offer of a hot weekend at his place in Lake Garda!!!! Oh well!!
Id participate in my favourite exercise. Bouncing up and down, up and down, straddle...... Trampolining of course!! :)
Lots of lovely exercise with my boyfriend who loves my slightly squishy figure!
1. Whose figure would you most like to have?
  Response Total Response Percent
Nicole Richie Response equal to 2 53 2%
Kate Winslett Response equal to 21 482 21%
Kelly Brook Response equal to 29 669 29%
Nigella Lawson Response equal to 7 162 7%
Halle Berry Response equal to 41 963 41%
Total Respondents  2329
2. How often do you feel guilty about the amount you have eaten?
  Response Total Response Percent
After every meal Response equal to 10 224 10%
Only when I eat something unhealthy Response equal to 75 1745 75%
Never Response equal to 15 360 15%
Total Respondents  2329
3. Would you rather control your weight through dieting or exercising
  Response Total Response Percent
Dieting Response equal to 17 392 17%
Exercising Response equal to 77 1801 77%
I don't want to control my weight Response equal to 6 136 6%
Total Respondents  2329
4. Do you believe your life would be better if you lost a few pounds?
  Response Total Response Percent
Yes Response equal to 54 1253 54%
No Response equal to 46 1076 46%
Total Respondents  2329
5. How often do you 'go on a diet'?
  Response Total Response Percent
I'm dieting now Response equal to 25 589 25%
Every Monday Response equal to 11 254 11%
After my holidays Response equal to 5 127 5%
After Christmas Response equal to 11 261 11%
Post baby Response equal to 4 95 4%
Never they don't work Response equal to 43 1003 43%
Total Respondents  2329
6. What do you think is more insulting - to be thought of as:
  Response Total Response Percent
fat Response equal to 30 707 30%
a tart Response equal to 70 1621 70%
Total Respondents  2328
(skipped this question)  1
7. When men see women exercise (red face, no make up) do they think:
  Response Total Response Percent
She looks hot and sexy Response equal to 8 189 8%
She looks like she is exercising Response equal to 55 1289 55%
She looks hot and bothered Response equal to 14 334 14%
Nothing – men don’t think Response equal to 22 517 22%
Total Respondents  2329
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