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Yoga and handbags....

posted on Tuesday, 10th November 2009 | find under 

I have discovered a fantastic and very funny book which I have been engrossed in all weekend. After 3 years of doing an English degree and reading one Dostoevsky and Tolstoy book after another, I have spent the last 6 years reading only non-fiction. Health books and business books have been my number one choice and although these are wonderful, I feel I have been reading for purpose rather than pleasure. At the Yoga Show last week I stumbled across an advert for Lucy Edge's new novel 'The Handbag and Wellies Yoga Club'. The title alone was enough to intrigue me as anything that contains the words 'Yoga' and 'Handbag' has Danielle written all over it!

My mum and godmother have been to stay this weekend and I mentioned to them about this book and how I was keen to get back into fiction. She very kindly said she would buy it for me as a present. Just a few hours later I met them in town and they emerged out of Waterstones saying the shop assistant had assured them that they weren't selling the 'green wellies and yoga book'.  We went back in together and found the right book, and the right title. I discovered that actually this book is non- fiction and an autobiography, although written in an novel style, which sounded just perfect.

The book follows Lucy's journey from a busy career driven London life to a much slower, yet sometimes challenging, life in the country. If you love reading about Yoga, friendships, life and laughter, this book is a must- read. It also gives lots of great info on Yoga postures, Yoga schools, retreats and eateries around London and Norfolk.

Right, I am off to do a bit more reading.....


Ida on Yoga and handbags....
By Ida - 28th September 2010
Thanks for the tip!
Sarah Lillywhite on Yoga and handbags....
By Sarah Lillywhite - 28th September 2010
Looks great Danielle - just added it to my Christmas list and bought a copy for one of the other Bath yoga Betties!!
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