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What's your global workout style?

posted on Friday, 27th February 2015 | find under Fashion
From New York to London to Milan to Paris, the Fashion Weeks are a twice annual opportunity to witness the world’s most iconic fashion brands and styles. To prove that activewear has a place in even the most discerning wardrobes, Sweaty Betty sent top blogger Electra Formosa off to London Fashion Week in our most fashionable current season pieces. We also recruited the help of bloggers Rebecca Gawthorne of Nourish Naturally in Sydney and Evann Clingan from New York City to style up the Spring Summer 2015 collection in a way that highlights their own personal style and the fashion influence of their trend-setting cities. The results are in…  

The London Edit: By Electra Formosa

Electra Formosa London Fashion Week

Electra wears the Malasana Tunic

How would you define your London workout style?

I like to stay stylish even when working out so I love going for printed pieces and bright colours. It's also important for me to stay warm and comfortable when training in London, so Sweaty Betty's long sleeved hoodies and super soft leggings are always a must!

What are your favourite things about the look you’ve created and why? 

My favourite thing about this Malasana Tunic is how versatile it is. As well as being the ultimate cover up for a post-yoga savasana, the two-tone colours and cut-out shoulders make it so beautiful I couldn’t wait to wear it to London Fashion Week. I paired it with a matching grey beanie to carry the tones through my outfit. 

Talk us through your perfect active day in the city. 

It's hard not to stay active in London as you walk everywhere (or at least I do!). My perfect active day in the city would probably kick off with a Pyscle or SBC class. I always like to pick up a green juice after working out to rehydrate and give me an energy boost. Then you can usually find me running around Oxford Street picking up pieces for my latest shoot or popping in and out of meetings. I wear a Nike Fuel Band and can tell you the steps really add up! My favourite evening activity is hot yoga. I love the twists, which feel especially detoxing after a long day on my feet.  

The Sydney Edit: By Rebecca Gawthorne of Nourish Naturally 

Rebecca Gawthorne Sweaty Betty

Rebecca wears Virasana Yoga Bra and Steady Luxe Knitted Jumper

How would you define your Sydney workout style?

I've created a relaxed beach yoga workout style with a bright contrasting crop and chilled luxe grey jumper. It's comfy, effortlessly eye-catching and extremely versatile.

What are your favourite things about the look you’ve created and why?

The Virasana Yoga Bra is strikingly bright in the monarch orange flame against the beach background where I work out. The cropped fit is not only smooth and comfortable, while the fabric is sweat-wicking and quick-drying so I can jump into the ocean to cool off after my beach yoga workouts! 

I'm always on the lookout for workout gear that doubles as weekend wear, so I teamed my yoga crop with a slim fit and versatile Steady Luxe Knitted Jumper in stonemarl. It's very chic with a relaxed vibe that suits the Sydney lifestyle. I love to throw on this jumper after my yoga sessions and head to my local beach-front cafe for a coffee with my husband. 

Talk us through your perfect active day in the city. 

My perfect active day in Sydney starts with an early morning sunrise run along Cronulla beach out to the sand dunes for an intense HIIT session. Then it's home for my favourite homemade tropical mango smoothie followed by a Barefoot Coffee on the beach with my husband. After surfing some waves together, I'd head home for some lunch and then an afternoon walk and yoga session - on the beach of course! 

The New York Edit: By Evan Clingan

Evann Clingan Sweaty Betty

Evann wears the City Lights Jacket (sold out) from AW14. Sweaty Betty recommends the new season 3 in 1 All Trail Jacket.

How would you define your NY workout style? 

New Yorkers are known for wearing a lot of black, as it's chic and easy to pair with other colours. I often wear one piece of black gear and choose a second printed or colourful piece. I also prefer functional activewear that can be worn in the gym and on the street.

What are your favourite things about the look you’ve created and why? 

I loved the City Lights jacket (now sold out) from the AW14 collection from the first time I saw it. The print stands out in an urban setting, and the hood and back pocket work well for a long run. I also love the Chandrasana Yoga Leggings. They are the first pair of reversible leggings I've owned. You get a pair of black leggings and a pair of printed leggings in one!

Talk us through your perfect active day in the city. 

New York offers so many unique options for living a healthy lifestyle. I'd start my perfect active day in the city with an early yoga class at Exhale, followed by brunch with pressed juice. I'd spend the afternoon exploring Central Park with friends. At sunset, I'd head to the West Side Highway for a run. After a healthy dinner, I'd have to grab Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit.
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