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what goes up must come down

posted on Saturday, 10th October 2009 | find under 

Whenever i stay at my parents house i always go hill running. When i was boxing i lived with them for a while and would run a certain hill 6days a week. Now whenever i go home i look forward to the challenge. This morning was no different. I cant eat before i train so i simply got dressed, put JayZ's new album in my ears and set off. Its a really steep windy hill that peaks at about 800m. I simply run up it and then back down the other side as many times as possible. At the height of my training i could easily do 12 laps. This morning (please remember the chicken pox im suffering from...) i managed a respectable 8 laps. Still a way to go till im back on top form, but i was happy. Did a short run at the end back home to a breakfast of homemade bircher muesli and papayas..what a great morning.

emmathornton on what goes up must come down
By emmathornton - 28th September 2010
WOW Yolanda, 8 laps is pretty amazing given you are covered in spots! Do you ever let up???
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