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west is best?

posted on Thursday, 17th June 2010 | find under 
I feel like somehow i have become an adopted cockney

I feel like somehow i have become an adopted cockney. Maybe its because of the boxing, maybe its my love of markets, maybe its the fact that i can happily refer to things as "cushty", either way I love East London. However new shores beckoned and my heart led me back to West London for the first time in few years. We are now the pround inhabitants of a mews house and Hyde Park is going to replace Viccy Park as my training ground. The funny thing is that the last time i lived in West London i was training for the moonwalk with SB. I remember countless laps of Hyde Park early in the morning, and one lovely practice "run" with Emma and two lovely Hampstead customers. I also have fond memories of rehab following the end of my boxing career and the moments that i ran my first, second and third marathons. So West London I am back and ready to discover the best training hot spots. The yoga is still going well and my bridges are improving...warrior 3 is still a little shakey though so perhaps a near by yoga studio should be on the cards? There are 2 tracks near by thank goodness and I have for the first time ever began to include a swimming pool in my search. If these lungs are to get stronger then the water wings are going to have to be dusted off and put to use...watch out Simon ill be at that tri start lineup very very soon!

Hammocks on west is best?
By Hammocks - 28th September 2010
I always like boxing, and I read your post it is very interesting. This post is very nice. Thanks to sharing with us.
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