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Twelve Days of Christmas - Part 6/12 - Drinks of Choice on the Part Scene!

posted on Wednesday, 9th December 2009 | find under 
OK Betties, as much as I would like to believe that you'll be sipping on some sparkling water with a sip of lime, I got brains, so I know you might be indulging in a little tipple or two when out and about on the party circuit!!


So here's a few pointers just to keep you informed on the bevvy front:



1. Alcohol is pretty calorific with 7kcals per gram (there are 9kcals in a gram of fat). Now I know that if I haven't already, I will be whittling on about a calorie not being a calorie, but on this case, alcohol calories are wasted as they provide no nutritional value whatsoever. So as you knock back wine merrily, think of your waistline gennums!



2. When you drink alcohol, your body tries to process the alcohol calories first and leaves the food calories for later. So drinking too much at dinner means that your dinner calories are being tucked away as fat for later processing - boo!!!



3. Your drinks of choice should be champagne or vodka, a squeeze of lime and soda. I know, the joy of saying I only drink Champagne darling!! So, why have these two trumped in the drink stakes? Well champagne is served in smaller glasses, has lots of bubbles and therefore less volume and doesn't contain yeast. Similarly, vodka is less calorific and doesn't contain yeast and when topped up with a little soda and a squeeze of lime continues to scream virtue!!



4. Stay away from beer and wine sweeties, it just ain't gonna be pretty!!



Fit Girl About Town musings...


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