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Tweet to win #FITORBENDY

posted on Thursday, 22nd November 2012 | find under Fitness

For your chance to win all of our Fit Cow and Bendy Cow products tweet us @sweatybetty_UK using the hash tag #FITORBENDY and let us know why you are either a fit or bendy cow. Do you do Bikram yoga every day of the week or run half marathons every weekend for fun? Whatever the reason we want to know. There are two prize up for grabs one for the most creative fit cow entry and one for the most creative bendy cow entry. Winners will be drawn on Friday 30th November so get those tweets in now!
By Lala Robinson - 28th November 2012
I am a fit cow after running around after my 7 month old all day (and night) ...totally wort it though!
Failing At Both
By Bernie - 27th November 2012
I would love to be a fit cow - a bendy one would be quite nice - but my mad burst to look good for all the Xmas Parties means I am as stiff as a board at the moment - #Rigid
By Christine Constable - 27th November 2012
I think I'm still a fat cow, but I'm becoming a fit cow. I'm incorporating more activity into my daily life and now walk 5-6 miles per day. I also enjoy cycling and body boarding. And, when no one's looking, I dance along to the radio.
Fit Cow
By Anonymous - 27th November 2012
At the gym 5 days a week hard work knackered but loving it...
Bendy :D :D D:
By Sue Graham - 26th November 2012
I am a Bendy cow or as my friends say a lucky cow lol xxx
Wannabe Fit Cow!
By Abbie Webb - 26th November 2012
if I bend i think i would snap - or crack! HELP! Desperate to get fit! I might be only a size 8 but i certainly need some motivation and more energy! Used to be gymnastic county champion in my youth - now i can't even touch my toes!
Fit - And Fun
By Vanessa - 26th November 2012
#FITORBENDY 5 morning classes a week - bouncing around to high impact Les Mills classes at the gym. Love it! And love being fit after 40 too!
By margaret - 26th November 2012
i'm fit to die after hotyoga God when will I ever get used to it? Open that door please!
Fit But Muddy
By nicola - 26th November 2012
#FITORBENDY would like to think fit - training our dog to run with me through the woods- means a run every day - definitely getting fitter..and quite muddy
Himalaya Mountain Yoga
By CarrieKingla - 26th November 2012
@SweatyBetty_UK Morning mountain yoga, the only way to stay bendy when volunteering in very remote Himalayas for the last 2yrs! #FITORBENDY
From Moody Cow To Bendy Cow
By Julie Cook - 26th November 2012
When I'm a bit hormonal I find that doing some exercise lifts my mood and trying to keep flexible and fit helps my self confidence as I get older x
By vivian allman - 26th November 2012
well i'm a bit fit when i wake up....but as the day goes on...i'm more and more a bendy ............
By Sam Heal - 25th November 2012
Im 'extremely flexible' and thats from my aerobics teacher sadly also slightly flabby and rather clumsy and a tad old!
By samantha schofield - 25th November 2012
im a very fit cow indeed and love cow shed products would love 2 win gl
By helen cruse - 24th November 2012
Hmm, does Lazy cow count?
Fit Look
By Anonymous - 24th November 2012
Love the fit cow look. This clothing would be an incentive to achieve it.
By Anonymous - 23rd November 2012
Bendy cows get fluffy and floaty on their yoga mats 24/7...
By Amanda - 23rd November 2012
Definitely bendy like a pipecleaner!
By iain maciver - 23rd November 2012
pretty fit cow ,do loads of cycling and walking
Bendy Cow...
By Liz Gray - 23rd November 2012
Bendy cow with sore muscles after an intense pilates class yesterday!
Fit Cow
By Katie Robson - 23rd November 2012
Well semi-fit cow, plenty of classes and gym work make me a sweaty cow!
Laughing Cow
By Sally Piner - 23rd November 2012
I am a swimming cow, 5 times a week, also do 2 classes, enjoy walking and cycling. Its all about enjoying things you love doing.
Fit... ?
By Choi Lin Leung - 23rd November 2012
Well I'd like to think I'm a Fit Cow after 5 classes this week.. but feel more like a Knackered Cow :-(
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