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Training with the best!

posted on Friday, 26th August 2011 | find under Nutrition
The Hamptons continues to exceed the Road Show USA’s expectations. Being able to be based in such an idyllic place, participating in amazing classes daily and spreading awareness of the brand has been a dream.

A highlight so far has been training at the Tracy Anderson Studio in Water Mill six times a week. Tracy Anderson is a leading fitness expert has designed several fitness systems – including bands, bars, and cubes.  These systems challenge the small muscle groups by offering resistance as well as forcing the body to rely on its balance.  Tracy also designed the Hybrid Body Reformer, an apparatus that uses a fusion of aerobic and dance movements, to re-engineer the muscular structure.

With the heat pumping you begin to feel the sweat from the time you walk in the door. The classes are intense from start to finish. During Tracy’s cardio classes the goal is to move continuously for one hour straight. Leaning dance routines (and trying to keep up!!) has been a challenge, but we can all feel the difference in our bodies already!  The muscular redesign class works small muscle groups allowing the body to tighten up quicker. I never thought I would have definitition in my arms but Tracy’s classes have begun the transformation!

Sweaty Betty is looking forward to Meeting all of you this summer at Tracy Anderson, Water Mill!

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