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Time to get fresh!!

posted on Tuesday, 16th March 2010 | find under 

I have been blabbing all over the internet about the fact that it is the first official day of Spring this Saturday!! Literally overdosing on the fact, in fact! Why? Because Spring means so many things!! Primarily new beginnings. I mean, I know that January first is all about new goals for the new year etc. but are you really feeling the motivation love when it's still -1 degrees?...I didn't think so. Call me a fair-weather goal-setter, but with the blossoms out, the mornings and evenings getting lighter, and the temperature rising, I'm ready to kick some ass!

So here's how to step into Spring, Betty Style!!!

1. DE-CLUTTER!!! Get rid of any energy-sapping excess in your surrounding environment, be that your bedroom, your living room, or your desk. That means papers, random stuff that has been sitting in drawers for at least 6 months, clothes that will never venture out again and can go to charity etc.

2. REVIEW WHAT'S NOT WORKING: Make a note of how much time you spend stressing or complaining about something that you are not happy about in your life. It's very simple, if you can't change it, then change the way you think about it, but for God's sake don't worry about it. Worry is such an energy sapper. In Baz Luhrmans ‘Everybody’s free (to use sunscreen) song, we’re told “The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind; the kind that blindside you at 4pm on some idle Tuesday.”

3. TRY SOMETHING NEW: Wake up those brain cells girls. If you have been doing the same thing day in day out for the last God knows how long, it's time to change things up a little! Take up a new sport, take a creative class, learn a language. Essentially, make some small changes to your world and keep it fresh. I've just started free-running, y'know the people that jump from buildings (erm obviously can't do that yet...)

4. BREATHE: Step out of your door every morning and inhale the new day, you should have all manner of Spring scents filling your senses. If you live in pollution hell, then buy lots of fresh spring flowers to brighten up your day!

Fit Girl About Town musings...

Tess on Time to get fresh!!
By Tess - 28th September 2010
Thanks Joslyn! I’ve just de-cluttered my desk (2 bags of paper to recycle!)
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