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There's no I in team

posted on Saturday, 3rd October 2009 | find under Tamara

I have always chosen solitary sports. I take comfort in training alone and have no problem with self motivation. I do it for myself and for no-one else. I dont need an audience to make a victory into a success. Somehow however my boyfriends and my own training programme have organically interwoven themselves. We have cycled to Kew, rocked up to nights out on our fixies and left sober together, jogged round Viccy Park, trained in Fitness First in London, Bath and Oldenburg side by side. He is the only one to have trained in my boxing gym, and he is the only one that i have ever run with. He understands that sometimes i want to eat chicken for breakfast or that i need carbs NOW. We can talk sport and share a triathlon magazine. It is a rare and wonderful suprise that i can have a relationship with sport within our relationship without compromising either. I dont have to pick the gym or him and neither does he. He supports my sporting goals and i feel that he is my biggest champion. He also is the only person that fully appreciates my home made wheat free, dairy free sugar free granola bars!

But for now Team Eskimo will be training on seperate continents. He will be scaling table mountain and i will be layering up for winter morning runs. I wont be looking for a replacement training buddy as i dont think they come around too often and i know that we will continue to discuss nutrition and pulled muscles, dissapointments and successes, it will just have to be over sykpe.

See you soon table mountain x

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