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The Wimbledon Inspired Workout

posted on Monday, 10th July 2017 | find under Fitness
Got Murray fever? Feeling tennis obsessed? Can't stop eating Pimms and strawberries and cream? Us too. It's Wimbledon finals week and we're feeling inspired by the on-court action. For those looking to improve their game on and off-court, we've recruited Sweaty Betty ambassador and personal trainer Brit Williams of Fit Brit Collective to share her signature moves. You'll be ace-ing your backhand in no time.

wimbledon workout
Photo credit: Sophie Keogh

The Workout

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, resting for 15 seconds before moving on to the next drill. Rest for a minute after each round. Complete a total of 3 rounds for beginners, 4 rounds for amateur athletes and 5 rounds for a Centre Court worthy performance.

1. Wide Climber to Rotation 

Assume plank position on your hands and explosively drive your right heel to the outside of your right hand (almost like you're jumping your foot to your hand). Do the same to your left, and again to your right, then pause and rotate your right hand to the sky. Continue alternating rotations with every third climber.  
On-court points: This move will improve both core stability and power while safely mobilising the spine, keeping you injury free as you serve ace after ace.
Off-court points: After the posture of a champion and grand slam abs? You’re well on your way.
2. Burpee to Quarter Turn Jump Squats

Perform a full burpee, but stay in a low squat position when upright. Explosively jump 90 degrees and plant your hands for another burpee. Repeat four times until you’ve completed a full circle, then reverse directions.
On-court points: Plyometric drills are essential for training quick on-court reactions and direction changes. 
Off-court points: Tennis pro or not, your heart and lungs are in for quite a volley and that low squat variation will tone those glutes.
3. Lateral Shifter Press-Ups

Assume a press-up position on either your toes or your knees, with your hands about a foot wider than usual. Keeping your core and glutes engaged, transfer your weight into your right arm as you lower into a press-up, then up and back through centre and over and down to the left.
On-court points: It goes without saying, but arm strength is vital for tennis pros. Address any muscular imbalances and shape up those guns for a fearsome advantage over your opponents.  
Off-court points: The arms attached to those racquets didn’t just strengthen and sculpt themselves. Put in the work and that athletic definition will be yours for the taking.
4. Curtsy Lunge to Backhand Fly

With a medium weight in your right hand, lower your right shin to the ground behind your left ankle in a deep curtsy squat. Simultaneously tap the weight to the front left of your foot, then push through your left heel to stand up as you squeeze your right elbow in line with your shoulder. Complete a full set on both sides.  

On-court points: A strong backhand requires exceptional shoulder strength and mobility. Combining this upper back strengthener with a dynamic curtsy lunge also targets the gluteus medius – the muscle across the outside of your hip, which helps with sudden and powerful direction changes. 
Off-court points: If this summer in activewear has shown us one thing, it’s that back game is queen. Go straight to the top in your favourite strappy crops with a strong back you’ll be happy to flaunt.
If you’re checking out the action in Wimbledon, get involved with Brit’s signature classes, we can guarantee you'll get your ass kicked. Live further afield? Join Brit for a 3 day fitness retreat this October, with bootcamps, yoga classes, healthy feasts and more at Oxfordshire's Poundon House.

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