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The story behind Ballet Bootcamp

posted on Friday, 24th January 2014 | find under Fitness, Nutrition
The first Get Fit 4 Free campaign of 2014 begins on 5th February with innovative fusion-fitness class Ballet Bootcamp. Here, we take a look behind the scenes of this exclusive workout. 

The Creators:

Victoria Marr and Flik Swan

Their Background: 

With 32 years of combined experience dancing on the world's most prestigious stages from Broadway in NYC to London's West End, this graceful duo met aged eleven at the Elmhurst Ballet School in Surrey. 

Victoria went on to train at the prestigious Royal Ballet School in London, and quickly received a contract with the company. Her professional dance career began to take off when she turned 18, progressing onwards and upwards until she reached the acclaimed First Soloist position, where she has remained for the last seventeen years, touring the world in beautiful productions from Swan Lake to Sleeping Beauty

Flik, on the other hand, followed a very different path to dancing success. After being spotted by an agent at aged 17, Flik was signed on the spot and soon began living her dream career of performing in shows such as A Chorus Line and Chicago in the West End. 

Careers in top-level dance are always relatively short, however, so it was a few years ago when these talented ballerinas came together again with the question, 'What's next?'

Throughout their careers, both Flik and Victoria had used their off-stage time to develop their fitness portfolios further. While Flik had become a professional dance coach, Victoria was now a qualified fitness trainer. They shared a passion for both ballet and fitness...which led to an idea. 

Sleek Technique:

Combining their love and talent for dance with their impressive experience and fitness training, the pair decided to make use of what they had spent so many years perfecting.
They developed SleekTechnique.com - a ballet-fusion workout designed to shape, tone and strengthen the female physique. Their belief? You need only the weight and resistance of your own body to improve balance and muscular structure. Sleektechnique.com hosts live classes and offers a range of on-demand workouts designed to fit in around busy lifestyles.

Ballet Bootcamp:

With SleekTechnique.com now flourishing, Sweaty Betty sought out these esteemed instructors for a new Get Fit 4 Free campaign. 

The talented duo agreed to create an exclusive class just for Sweaty Betty that combines military-style pace and energy with the posture-correcting movements of ballet. Aiming to sculpt the body, they combined planks with plies, moving from first position to third, with downward dogs thrown in to enhance flexibility. We tried it. We loved it. Ballet Bootcamp was born.
Ballet Bootcamp begins as part of Get Fit 4 Free on Wednesday 5th February in all our stores and online. To find the date and time of your nearest class, visit www.sweatybetty.com/balletbootcamp


Enquire Re Sweaty Betty Ballet Teacher Training
By Katie Fletcher - 16th May 2017
Hi I am writing to enquire whether you do any teacher training for Sweaty Betty Ballet? Funnily enough I was in the show Grease with Flik! (Flik its Boo, my nickname, here!). I have been looking for a ballet class/ barre/ fitness class to teach. I've watched you guys on YouTube and am impressed by your programme. Please is it possible to find out more? Many thanks Katie Fletcher
Thank You!
By Jodie Westerman - 12th March 2015
I just wanted to say thank you for this fun and challenging workout. As a dancer, I feel so excited to have discovered a workout I can use to stay in shape while away from my home studio.
Found Myself As A Dancer Again
By Anonymous - 5th August 2014
I started classical dancing when I was 2 and it and dance in general was my world until I was 18, when changes to my figure (I developed a large bum and huge breasts) plus the realisation that I could never do it professionally forced me to stop. No matter what other workouts I do (I love running, HIIT, swimming and yoga) my body longs to dance. Ballet Bootcamp is exactly what I need-aimed at those with a background in ballet, not patronisingly easy like a lot of online videos but not too difficult. Intense, fulfilling, works every part of you and let me feel like the dancer I used to be! Thank you, Sweaty Betty!
Enquiry Into Ballet Bootcamp Instructor Courses
By Sue Hudson - 26th February 2014
Hi, I am a Dancer/Dance Instructor with Stage school training. I attended the Sweaty Betty Ballet Bootcamp class in Cobham, Surrey and loved it! How do I train as an instructor? Please advise... Kind regards Sue
Display Merchandiser
By Lily T - 19th February 2014
Where can I find a local GF4F Ballet Boot camp class near me. I live in Redondo Beach, CA (90278). I would love to attend!!! Thank you! Lily
By Patricia Pearce - 26th January 2014
Hi Flix & Victoria are there any bootcamps in the Birmingham or Warwickshire area please
The Best Get Fit 4 Free
By Cathy Paintin - 26th January 2014
Brilliant. Can't wait to join in.
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