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The secret moisturiser....

posted on Monday, 26th April 2010 | find under Tamara

I have been searching for years for the perfect face moisturiser. As a face yoga expert I have a great interest in the face and know that as well as exercising and massaging our faces, it is important to moisturise properly to slow down the signs of ageing. The best moisturiser I have ever found is by dream forest secrets skincare. It is a two step programme, a serum and an oil, which mixed together make an easily absorbed, hydrating and non pore blocking treat for the face. The best fact about this moisturiser is that it is 100% natural and made only of organic natural ingredients. We don't want to put chemicals in our bodies so why put them on our faces?! For more info about dream botanicals visit www.forestsecretsskincare.com

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