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The SB Road Show gets a workout

posted on Tuesday, 14th June 2011 | find under 
I have been put through my paces today by The team at Boddy Language studio....what a session! This is a brand new studio to Edinburgh offering no ordinary workout or personal training session.
The team here take the time to find out which exercises you normally do, what you want to work on, all the while assessing your posture and balance. Every movement is tailored specifically to the individual needs to maximise the benefits gained.
As a keen swimmer, I have the inevitable rolling shoulders and pushed pelvis (which was spotted immediately!) along with a host of other things that wouldn't normally be a problem in day to day movements such as a rolling right knee making my entire body go off centre in squats. The level of education in the assessment was impressive.
After the assessment it was straight onto the workout, all done barefoot. We did a guided circuit continuing with the theme of learning how to move effectively and safely. This focused on working towards greater stability and strength using squats and free weights. Empahsis through each excercies was on gaining awareness of your body and correcting movements.
I left feeling 6 inches taller armed with the knowledge and confidence of how to workout more effectively. Stepping out into the Edinburgh sunshine I felt a healthy sweaty buzz from a very thorough session!  What a fantastic studio and team thanks Boddy Language, we are looking forward to celebrating your official launch party and opening tomorrow night at the studio.
Debs and Antonia
SB Road Show Crew
Sweaty Betty Workout At Boddy Language
By Anonymous - 16th June 2011
Great workout at Boddy Language.
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