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The 5 best nighttime workouts

posted on Tuesday, 10th November 2015 | find under Fitness

A recent scientific study from the Clinical Research Centre at the University of Chicago proves that the body’s metabolism adapts better to an evening exercise routine, leading to higher fitness levels and more effective workouts. With the mornings getting colder and darker, more of us are tempted to spend that extra hour in bed, so there is no better excuse to switch your workout routine to the evening. If you aren’t a fan of slogging it in the gym and struggle to stay indoors during winter, Sweaty Betty has hunted out the best nighttime workouts to keep you active. Stay safe in the dark in Sweaty Betty’s range of reflective pieces, from performance-enhancing leggings to glow-in-the-dark cover-ups.

Sweaty Betty nighttime workout wear

Nadia wears the Elite Seamless Run Top, Glow Run Jacket, Thermodynamic Run Tights and Asics Gel Kayano 22 Trainers

Discover a fitness trail


If you’re a cardio fiend but fancy a change of scenery, it could be time to take your training out-doors. A number of green spaces across the UK have been filled with traditional calisthenics equipment: perfect for bodyweight circuits in a variety of settings. Expect everything from monkey bars to cross-trainers, which are completely free to use (great when you’re on a pre-Christmas budget). Londoners head to Battersea Park to train with views of the ponds, New Yorker’s to the Central Park Circuit and Californian’s to Pocket Park or the iconic Muscle Beach. London-based outdoor PT specialists Muddy Plimsolls have even built a map of all the cities' outdoor fitness trails so you can find the nearest gym to your home or office.

Flow in the dark

Search #glowga on Instagram and you’ll find hundreds of yogis around the world illuminated by black and neon during their practice. A number of studios now offer unique enlightening experiences, from black-lit vinyasa to playful practices accompanied by glow sticks. Already huge in the US, a few classes have appeared at exclusive The Well Scene events (formerly Secret Urban Escape) in the UK. Try Sweaty Betty’s brightest Athlete workout vests or statement-making Glow Run Gilet for extra shine factor.

Light up the night

If you commute on foot or by bike, darker nights needn’t mean giving up on outdoor training. Simply swap your summer run shorts and vests for fashion-forward high-visibility pieces. Feel confident in the dark in the Vogue approved Glow Run Jacket, which looks beautiful paired with the figure-sculpting and fully reflective Thermodynamic Run Tights. Tackling the night and the rain at once? Beat the conditions in the waterproof 3 in 1 Jacket, which not only has reflective tape for nighttime visibility but also wicks away rain as you go the distance.

Join a fight club

Boxing is the workout of the moment, so why not take your gloves outdoors? The perfect way to let out frustration after a hard day, boxing clubs are popping up in parks across the country as an alternative to regular bootcamps. If you’re feeling brave, grab a friend and take gloves and a bag to the park for a fun sweat session. For safety in the dark, add reflective thermal workout wear like the Thermodynamic Run Top to keep you warm and dry as punch, kick and rumble the day’s stresses away.

Rave til dawn

As the sun resists waking and winter mornings feeling increasingly like nighttime, morning rave workouts will definitely brighten up your day. Grab friends and neon glow sticks aplenty and dance through to dawn, burning plenty of calories as you revel in the celebratory atmosphere. Morning Gloryville raves launched in London last year and have now popped up everywhere from Berlin to San Francisco.

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