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Talking health with Hemsley and Hemsley (part 2)

posted on Wednesday, 30th July 2014 | find under Tamara, Fitness
They've been featured in Vogue, have been the focus of countless articles at home and abroad, and have been cooking up a healthy storm on Saturday Kitchen; it's safe to say that Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley have well and truly taken the world by storm. And that's before the mention of their new must-have cookbook, The Art of Eating Well.

Renowned for their organic and nutrient-rich recipes that promote overall wellbeing, Sweaty Betty sat down with the healthiest of trendsetting duos to find out all on their favourite snacks, workout routines and number one tip for healthy living.

Click here for part one, or read on to enjoy part two...
Talk us through your weekly workout schedule…
Melissa: I love yoga so I try to go to our friend Florence Lefebvre’s early morning yoga classes in London. If I am short on time, I will do one of my favourite yoga classes on YouTube. I also try do take a couple of dance classes per week, and as I like to be in the great outdoors, circuits in the park on a nice day are brilliant too. Whatever my schedule, I make sure I get outside and sweat for at least 20 minutes everyday as it never fails to make me feel better.
Jasmine: It varies - at the moment I love running as it’s such a quick way to workout and gets you up and outside, which is much more enticing when the sun is out. I usually run 5 times a week, always first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I do a couple of squats and jumps first to realign my spine and energise myself, and then run to the park; stopping as soon as it gets uncomfortable and walking peacefully while my heart rate goes back to normal. Then I speed off again. This fast-slow routine is great for working the core and stomach muscles, and it really helped me to regain my cardio fitness after a long winter of book-writing and relaxing yoga. I do a yoga video in the evenings, and attend a 2-hour Hatha yoga class on Saturday mornings. 

How does your new book The Art Of Eating Well differ from your website and blog?
The website and blog show what we’re eating and what we’re up to; interesting finds, articles on what we’re passionate about, etc. The book provides a-one stop manual; easy to use and packed with recipes for every occasion. The Art of Eating Well has over 150 recipes from breakfasts, snacks and food on the go, to dressings and dips, baking and quick suppers. There are lots of tips and tricks on how to incorporate eating well into every part of your life. People say they love the cupboard stocking information and the best products to buy; from the right kind of salt to the right oils to cook with. We also include menu plans, dinner party guides, recipes for when you are feeling under the weather, and what to take when you’re travelling or getting on a plane.

What is the one healthy ingredient that you cannot live without?
The heart of all our cooking is bone broth. We call it our secret weapon. Bone broth is the (often forgotten) superfood that forms the basis of nearly all our soups and stews, and we use it wherever we can; cooking up quinoa and vegetables, adding it to sauces and even scrambled eggs! Packed with minerals and collagen, bone broth is amazing for the skin (including cellulite!) and the healthy fats help to assimilate important fat-soluble vitamins including Vitamin D - vital for keeping your mind positive during the long winter months.
Traditionally used to provide the easily digestible nourishment for good gut health, bone broth helps to counter the damage caused by stress, illness, antibiotics and processed food, making it an accessible and affordable remedy that's deliciously warming and comforting too!
Do you any top tips for healthy living?
Chewing more! It’s not just about what you eat; it’s what you digest that counts. Oh, and plenty of sleep!
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