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Sweaty Betty meets FRAME founder Pip Black (plus find out all on SB's exclusive FRAME takeover!)

posted on Thursday, 26th June 2014 | find under Tamara, Fitness, Nutrition
A cool, Shoreditch-based studio that focuses on dance, cardio workouts and yoga, FRAME is a London fitness favourite. With classes ranging from the 80s-style 'Jane Fonda Tribute' and flexibility-enhancing 'Bend It Like Barbie', to the more hardcore workouts such as 'Cardio Conditioning' and the 'Sweat Factory', FRAME has something to suit every workout, style and fitness level.

An inspirational woman with a love of combining fun with fitness, FRAME's co-founder Pip Black is renowned for her dynamic, high-energy classes. Sweaty Betty caught up with the illustrious co-founder to find out all on her weekly workouts, favourite post-exercise snacks and her top tips for healthy living.

What inspired you to open FRAME?

It was all due to the lack of fun and interesting fitness options that were available back in 2007. My co-founder Joan and I had spent our whole lives playing sport and being active, and then found ourselves in advertising jobs, where drinking and partying had become a key feature of our lifestyles. We wanted to feel fit and healthy again, but found the gym dull and uninspiring, and the few yoga and Pilates studios that were around were either too expensive or too serious. We wanted somewhere where keeping fit was sociable, fun and varied - so over a few too many G&T's, we decided to create something ourselves.
What sets FRAME apart from other studios?

FRAME is the only place in London where you can find high quality classes across all different genres; dance, fitness, yoga, Pilates and our very own Frame Signature classes. We have a very light-hearted approach to keeping fit and healthy, and are focused on life balance - we want our customers to leave FRAME looking and feeling great... We don't care if they're going to be winning races at the weekend, or if they're about to undo all the good work at the bar!

Can you talk us through your weekly fitness regime?

I'm currently 7 months pregnant, so it's most definitely changed over the past few months. I'm currently teaching kettlebells on a Tuesday in Queens Park, and Frame BUMPS twice a week (a workout specifically for pregnant ladies). I also try to walk to work twice a week which takes around 45 minutes, go for a swim one morning per week and do a pregnancy yoga class. Before I was pregnant, I was teaching 4 times a week (mixture of Kettlebells, Rebounding, etc.') and would take at least 2 yoga classes and a Frame Signature class, plus a long-ish run at the weekend. I love being active, especially morning classes - there's no better way to start the day! Essentially, I just try to mix it up as much as possible and keep the body guessing!

What are your favourite snacks/re-fuel foods for pre or post-workout?

Peanut butter all the way! Eating two rice cakes with (probably too much) peanut butter on my way out of the house in the morning gives me enough energy to get through class, but doesn't make me feel unwell halfway through! I also love the peanut Bounce bars for a good protein hit post-workout, or almond milk from Botanics - delicious!

Have you always been active? What sports were you interested in growing up?

Yes absolutely. I played pretty much every sport as a kid, including netball, tennis, hockey, discus and the 800m. I played hockey to a high level and was lucky enough to play with some awesome girls, especially my university team at Bath, which is why it's so important to me to re-create that sociable and fun experience at FRAME.

Do you have any top tips for healthy living?

Don't sweat the small stuff. Keep a sense of balance in your lifestyle - find exercise that you enjoy and mix it up to keep yourself motivated. Find a friend to be your 'workout buddy' and treat yourselves to a yummy meal or a glass of wine afterwards if you feel like it. Finally, I would say, don't just do something because it's going to make you thin... it's far better to be healthy and balanced in your body and mind, than constantly worrying about weight.



What is the event? -- To celebrate the opening of a brand new Sweaty Betty boutique in Shoreditch (full details coming soon), the area's most popular studio, FRAME will host 14 classes exclusively for Sweaty Betty customers on Saturday 12th July.

What are the classes? -- Options include BoxFit, Group HIIT, Pure Cardio, FRAME Rave, Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga and their own FRAME Camp class (a high-energy, full-body workout that switches between sets on the treadmill, weights and exercises using just your body weight). Which class you choose is up to you!

How do I book? -- Click here to book via the FRAME website. Each class is £5.

Anything else? -- There will, of course, be Sweaty Betty goodie bags on offer to all who attend. See you there!
Re: Scotland Classes
By Sweaty Betty - 15th July 2014
Dear Angela, Thank you for your comment. The Sweaty Betty boutique in Edinburgh currently holds a run club, Vinyasa flow yoga class and Pilates class every week in-store. You can find the times and days of each class (plus the boutique address and phone number) at the link below. Simply call the store to book. Enjoy your workout! www.sweatybetty.com/boutique/edinburgh/?gid=2
By Penny - 1st July 2014
Would love to book a class!
Scotland Classes
By Angela Goldie - 1st July 2014
hi i keep reading about all these fabulous classes, with such variety, i gym everyday but honestly sick of the site of the place and i dont think you work out as hard when you are attending the same classes week in and week out . what, if anything do you have running in Scotland ? regards
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