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PB for the world's first kilomathon!! Over and out...

posted on Monday, 15th March 2010 | find under Tamara

Sounds impressive?? Well actually I came 3710th.....but on a cold yet sunny Mother's Day morning I ran the world's first 26.2km race so I am very happy. And although not in the medals as such, everyone's a winner I reckon when they have run without stopping for almost 3 hours?! The fact that my mother and daughter were at the finish line made it memorable indeed. Who needs the New York skyline when I had the Midland's finest landmarks to spur me along?

I have raised some money for Heather out in Haiti too so mission accomplished. I now have 3 medals jangling on my kitchen door to remind me of the conversion from some-time jogger to long-distance addict. Maybe the races aren't for me...because actually I am running for me and not against anyone else... but they have been fun.

Until the next copy of Runner's World throws me a new challenge, I am going to really enjoy my Friday morning runs by the River with Nix. No pressure, nice chat and a good brisk run.... and reflect on a whole new level of fitness to get me through this funny old mid-40s stage...

So I am hanging up my medals but definitely not my trainers.... and oh yes, did I read about the Marrakesh marathon somewhere? Now that sounds romantic. Note to self..check if husband is free next February.....?!


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