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Ooh the City Betties were sizzlin' last night!!

posted on Thursday, 1st October 2009 | find under 

Phew!  Last night was an action packed, adrenalin fuelled, boxing session with the Betties down at the City store!  Yours truly ran a boxing workshop courtesy of the Sweaty Betty Sports 4 Free campaign, and let me tell ya, them City Betties ain't to be messed with!!

Just a couple of the Betties had boxed before, the rest were newbies and left pros.  Here they are showing you some sugar...

So we started off with a general park warm up, lots of high knees, heel flicks and side skips just to get the blood pumping.  Then in true boxing style we did a little skipping, to give the whole evening a little Rocky love!!  Forgot my Rocky CD dammit!  But these gals didn't need music to power up their punches.  After a few timid punches, they unleashed when they realised how good it felt to punch real hard!!

I love boxing with clients, it's a great cardiovascular workout using both your upper and lower body (most of the power in your punch comes from the hips), not to mention the great tone you get as it's a great strength workout too.  Did I mention that it's my exercise of choice with my brides in training pre-wedding...nothing like a few punches to get all of that stress out, secretly I feel I have saved many a marriage - don't punch him, punch the pad!     

We finished off with a no pain no gain boxing ab workout, the Betties were in the zone at this stage, and were powering each punch through whilst toning the midriff, how perfect!!

It was a great session ladies, I thoroughly enjoyed teaching it!!

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Ida on Ooh the City Betties were sizzlin' last night!!
By Ida - 28th September 2010
Sounds great!!
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