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My new website. Sweaty Betty Pilates

posted on Sunday, 18th April 2010 | find under Fitness

Hi Everyone,

A quick update for you all. 

Firstly, I have been busy updating my sarahpilates website.  I would LOVE your comments.  It would really help me if you could do the following...

1. go onto whichever your browser might be - eg. google/ excite/ chrome.. etc...

2. click either pilates nw3, pilates holidays, pilates retreats, sarah london pilates or anything that you might normally think of searching for pilates classes/holidays

3. Try and find my website in your search.

4. Please come back to me on here and comment.  Tell me if you found me ok and what your experience was.  Did you get my sweaty betty link or my sarahpilates link?

5. What do you think of my new website? Would you change it in anyway?  Was it easy?

Secondly, I am going to continue my blogs and linking blogs from sarahpilates to here, so I'm very interested to find out if your search was easy.

Thirdly, I will be up at Sweaty Betty Hampstead on monday evening to teach the lovely girls at the store.  I love doing this.  Once the girls have benefited from the class, they can also share their Pilates knowledge with all of you.  THEN.. at a date coming soon, I will be up at the store giving SOME of you free classes.  I will update you on this as soon as I have dates. 

One thing I love about Sweaty Betty and one of the reasons I love blogging for Sweaty Betty.. is for you and the fact that Sweaty Betty are all about YOU.  Even the clothes are about YOU.  AND.. no, noone pays me to say that!  It really is the truth.

I hope you will start talking to me on here very soon.  I look forward to more feedback.

Please feel free to email me your testimonials for my website too.

Speak to you again very soon.

Sarah x

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