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Kings Road Guest Instructor Evening

posted on Wednesday, 5th October 2011 | find under Nutrition
Corenergy is a Movement Performance Academy that promotes lean, fit, athletic, injury free, enlightened healthy bodies. At last night’s Guest Instructor master class, that is exactly what we got; a further insight into the skill of running, focusing on the core principles of movement, nutrition and recovery.

Rollo Mahon, founder and director of Corenergy, took us through a series of drills, designed to break running down into its absolute simplest: posture, rhythm and relaxation.
We started with a number of strength exercises to allow posture changes to occur. Rollo explained that we are one muscle when we run and for this to be most effective we need to mobilise our bodies, starting from the hands.  We focused on stretching out our hands, wrists, shoulders, thoracic, hips, quads and ankles – all starting from a simple ‘table top’ body position.

Once we had awoken our muscles and started to rid of them of the tension built up throughout our day, Rollo encouraged us to jump on the spot. We started off slowly and built up to a speed of 180 jumps per minute (equivalent to the ideal running pace of forefoot running). Without any direction from Rollo, we were all jumping on the balls of our feet and this is where the forefoot aspect came into play. When we jump or run backwards (or indeed sideways) we do so on the balls of our feet – so why when we run forwards do we suddenly decided to use our heels? We headed to Battersea Park to put this further into play, along with some hamstring activation action! By activating our hamstrings we encourage them to do the hard work by driving our legs up, off the ground and underneath our body. Forefoot running is about building up your strength at your own distance, rather than trying to increase your distance without your body being able to cope.

Lastly, we came onto relaxation. This is key and our attention was bought to the fact that your muscles should not be braced whilst running. Tense muscles means they are fatigued and reduces the elasticity in your running style and therefore performance.
It was a hugely informative session which was thoroughly enjoyed by all; I for one, will be forefoot running my next marathon!
For more information or to join the Core Running Club please visit www.corenergy.co.uk or email Rollo on rollo@corenergy.co.uk
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