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Introducing Jane Wrafter, Muswell Hill Ambassador

posted on Wednesday, 19th December 2012 | find under Nutrition

Jane Wrafter, is our latest sweat Ambassador recruit for the newly opened Muswell Hill boutique. Jane is Founder of JCW fitness which offers a host of classes to over 300 active members in the Muswell Hill community monthly. Having lived in the area for over ten years, Jane is a fitness role model in her local community and the ideal candidate to help Sweaty Betty spread the word on inspiring women to find empowerment through fitness. We grabbed five minutes with her to find out what makes her tick…
Q: What is your Power song?
A: For running alone with my ipod, my guilty pleasure is the Rocky theme tune.  For Dance Aerobics I love the modern remixes of old songs like “Billie Jean” . I definitely rely on music for motivation!
Q: What is your personal best?
 A: Speaking as an instructor and personal trainer, I would say I’ve done my best when I get someone with no faith in themselves  to achieve something – from doing a press-up properly to performing a choreographed routine! I love the look on their face when I say “you did it”.
Q:  What is your favourite yoga pose?
A: I love Warrior II. The whole body is being used - it opens up and uses all the space around it as your arms and legs extend and lengthen. 
Q:  What is your next big challenge?
A: I am very honoured to have just been asked to be the resident Fitness Expert on a TV show, which is a great and very exciting challenge for me!
Q: How do you stay motivated?
A: Exercise makes me happy – physically, emotionally, psychologically and even spiritually. I never lose this faith or this belief, even on the days when I’m tired, fed up, or not feeling 100%

Q: What is your favourite sport related quote?
A:“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it - then I can achieve it.” , Mohammed Ali
Q: What is your favourite thing about Muswell Hill?
A: Having lived in Muswell Hill for over 10 years I find it to be a lovely friendly community and  have made some amazing friends here. Muswell Hill Broadway is a buzzing place with a great mix of shops, restaurants and clothes shops. It’s just the right size and has everything you could need! Plus the views on a clear day are amazing – you can see the Dome, Canary Wharf and the Shard!
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