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Howard Napper - an evening to remember

posted on Wednesday, 22nd June 2011 | find under 

Howard Napper charmed us all with his wide knowledge and his passion for living a healthy life together with yoga :)
125 Kings Road was lucky enough to have Howard Napper as a special guest. At 18.10 he stepped through the doors at Sweaty Betty looking great and ready for action. I must say Howard is 52 years old and WOW he looks amazing. He carries himself with pride and a confidence, which is very inspiring and motivating.
He is known for his many books, DVD's and he has had his own show called "Simply Yoga with Howard Napper" (ITV2).
After welcoming all the lovely SB ladies - the class started and from the beginning it was very intense and very motivating. There were 15 lucky SB ladies that surrounded Howard who was placed in the middle. He showed us different ways to move dynamically allowing us to strengthen our core and lower back muscles. He used the metaphor of an apple core, remember girls?

He gave us advice on how to train the spine and referred to one of our favoured quotes “you are only as young as your spine is supple”. A flexible spine helps slow the ageing process. BUT as he clearly said "be proud of your age, and be the best 30, 40 or 50 year old you can be, the most important thing is how you feel and carry yourself rather than the number". Besides all the great exercises he demonstrated, he also shared his vast knowledge about nutrition and some of his own experiences.

When the clock struck 19.45 he still had lots to share but sadly every great thing has to end. He finished the class by teaching us about stress. He said "humans are the only animal that can trigger the fight or flight response with a THOUGHT", and it is this thought that give us stress. Remember girls we always have a choice on how we act on our thoughts or perceptions...and begin to breathe...and hold.... and exhale... hold.... and inhale... 
I have just done my spine exercise, prepared myself a green tea and taken a deep breath and decided that today I am loving what is.
What do you say? ;)
P.S. Remember to get Howard’s app from itunes it is called "Stress buster"!
Sweaty Betty says thank you to Howard and we look forward to working with him in the future.
Kings Road Supervisor
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