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How Sweaty Betty got its Om back: #GetYourOmBack in numbers

posted on Wednesday, 5th August 2015 | find under Fitness

If you joined us for the month-long #GetYourOmBack Instagram campaign, you’ll have hopefully spent July stretching, strengthening and detoxing the body through an inspiring sequence of daily yoga poses. Here we round up a few of our highlights, and celebrate the incredible online community of Sweaty Betty followers from around the world…

Sweaty Betty Get Your Om Back

Pictured clockwise from top: @yogaone1, @amamakeda, @brightonpilates, @fitqueenirene

Over 24,000 miles

#GetYourOmBack reached several corners of the world. With posts coming from all across the UK, US, Australia and even India, it was great to see such a diverse range of people connecting online and rekindling their love of yoga.

Hundreds of variations

Persevering through injuries or progressing through poses with newfound confidence, you put a personal spin on the daily poses with variations to suit your practice. This was a campaign open to everyone of all abilities – from the beginner yogi to the most experienced mat maven.

612 yogis a day

Across the month, there were an average of 612 yogis getting involved with every daily pose. And that doesn’t take into account the numerous partner poses, in which you showed your creativity by getting friends, children and pets to join you on the mat!

9,900 new Instagram fans

Sweaty Betty welcomed an astounding 9,900 new followers to our growing community of yoga, fitness and wellness enthusiasts. Thanks for joining us on this incredible adventure!

19,000 hashtag uses

… And the figure is steadily growing, as many of you continue your #GetYourOmBack journey. Keep us posted with your progress and practice – we’re right there with you on the mat!

Special thanks to @FitQueenIrene, @RobinMartinYoga, @Deemoi and @YogaOne1 for guiding us all back to Om.

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