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Harrogate Roadshow - Be the Best You Can Be!

posted on Wednesday, 21st September 2011 | find under Fitness

The Gambaru motto is to 'NEVER GIVE IN'  and 'DO YOUR BEST NO MATTER WHAT YOUR ABILITY'.  This ethic rings strong in our minds, and is one of the main reasons why we decided to hold our first roadshow event here.  Owner and director of Gambaru Fitness Jonathan Walker is a real warmth and inspiration to us all, after listening to his journey we feel inspired and motivated to be the best that we can be no matter what stage we are at, through fitness goals and life in general.  Jonathan has emblazoned the Gambaru motto on a huge banner, high up on the wall for everyone to read, it really gives you that encouragement to run an extra 200m on the treadmill, jump into that last plyometric lunge, or set your mind-frame into pushing for one last rep!


We set up the event in reception with the new Autumn Winter 2011 collection to view, style consultant knowledge on hand, and not forgetting the free Zumba class afterwards. It was a great opportunity to showcase Sweaty Betty to local members in Harrogate for the first time.  The roadshow team previewed SB's new RUN PRO range, fully kitted out from head to toe.  Zumba teacher Janelle then took us through some Latin inspired dance aerobic steps and funky latin beats to shake up our merengue and put some fun into a workout that really gets you moving.


Roadshow Tasters


Last week I attended dynamic yoga at Anne-Marie's Yorkshire wellness centre. Yoga teacher Anne-Marie pays particular attention to correct form, focussing on muscle by muscle signalling, progressing through each asana, whilst referring to Deepak Chopras teachings based on the ancient texts of India. We focussed on one of the '7 principles of the laws of success', giving and recieving being the principle for this particular day. We also worked on awakening and energising all of the chakra points.  Such gentle relief, I was left feeling calm and content, with a clear and decluttered mind, the perfect remedy for a long day.


On Friday, Francesca M Pardini, Personal trainer and body type specialist whipped me into shape with, guess what... a kettle bell. Who'd have thought that this strangely shaped cast iron weight (which resembles a cannonball with a handle), could give you so much work-out benefit. Kettle bells are one of the most effective ways of engaging various muscle groups when combined with a series of cardiovascular exercises.  Francesca's knowledge and understanding as a certified body type counsellor means she can create a taylor made programme for your body type.  There are 4 basic body types based on the major glands in the body.  Each type requires a particular kind of nutrition, exercise and supplement plan to function at its peak. It also means that she can cater a training programme specifically to the individual, as there is so much to take into account.  Little did I know that high intensity cardio exercise isn't best suited to my type.  Something to think about if you want to gain better control over your body and your health. For more info check out www.abetteryouwithfrancesca.com


The Roadshow Team are looking forward to another fun fuelled week. With more taster sessions to come, and two more launch events, we are very excited about creating a real presence within the local fitness community.

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