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Happy Mid-January!!!

posted on Monday, 18th January 2010 | find under 
If this is the way 2010 is gonna go, we'd better hold on to our sweat bands...seems like we're in for a big ride!!!

Betties!!!!  How are you darlings??  It's been a month since I last blogged!!  The last time I checked I was revving myself up for Chrissy day with lots of turkey and cranberry and stuff, and here we are on a speed train towards the end of January!! 


So what's been happenin'?  You guys are all good I hope!!  Been making resolutions??  Been breaking resolutions??  Whatever it may be my little bubbly Betties, Fit 4 Free is nearly here, so if you find yourself with one pin hanging off the straight and narrow, 'tis just moments before you will be gently pushed back on by what the fab ladies at SB are offering!!  Fit 4 Free is not just coming to a store near you, it is also being pimped up in the cyber world by the gorgeous Yolanda (who incidentally is not to be messed with...she's a boxer Betties, mmm hmm...that means if you step outta line, you might get your butt whooped!!)  I'm also going to give you some Fit 4 Free love, so by, ooh let's see...Valentines day, any love handles that may be loitering should be swiped clean away!!!  How fabulous!!!

I'll be checking back in, in a couple of days!!  Eliminate any bad habits now ladies, this ain't for the faint hearted!!


Joslyn x

Fit Girl About Town musings...

joslynthompson on Happy Mid-January!!!
By joslynthompson - 28th September 2010
Hey Seema...on their way sweet pea, on their way!!
joslynthompson on Happy Mid-January!!!
By joslynthompson - 28th September 2010
Joyous news Lauren, glad you like it!!!
Lauren on Happy Mid-January!!!
By Lauren - 28th September 2010
Love your blog Smile makes me smile
Seema on Happy Mid-January!!!
By Seema - 28th September 2010
Nice one J! Can we get more tummy toning tips?x
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