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Get that holiday feeling!

posted on Monday, 19th July 2010 | find under Fitness, Nutrition

After a week on holiday, there is always much to do when you return. Whether it be bills to pay, overtime to catch up on or getting stuck into the housework again, it is easy to lose that relaxed feeling you steppped on the plane with. Remember that the reason you felt so relaxed on holiday was partly because you didn't have the responsibilites of everyday life, but primarily because of changes in your mind. It is important to remember there are ways in which you can transfer that relaxed holiday feeling in to your home and work life. Here are three of my top tips:

1. Take your fave holiday photo and set it as your screen saver, homepage or desktop. That way, every time you put on your computer your mind can be instantly transfered back to how you felt when you were there. In the neuro linguistic programming (NLP) field this technique is called 'anchoring' and it is simply about linking your thoughts to something to bring about certain positive feelings.

2. Wear something brightly coloured. On holiday we tend to go for very different colours to what we would choose at home. This is party to do with the weather but mostly to do with our mood. Every day this week why not try wearing one item which would be a colour you would wear on holiday. Colour therapists use this tip all the time and it is guaranteed to brighten your day.

3. Do something every day which makes you feel as though you are on holiday. Whether this be going to your local pool for a swim, having a large bowl of tropical fruit or going for a stroll by the river or sea. The more you can 'treat' yourself in this way, the more you will feel positive and happy and recreate that holiday feeling.

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