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Fitness Trends for 2013

posted on Thursday, 17th January 2013 | find under Tamara

Sweaty Betty Ambassador and Fitness Editor Lucy Miller tells us how to shake up our New Year fitness plans with a rundown of the hottest workout trends…

The Trend: Strength Training – Strong is the new skinny! Strength training is no longer restricted to body building, and most people can now incorporate some form of weight training to improve or maintain muscle strength. We can thank Jessica Ennis for helping create this trend. If you weren’t drooling over her abs this summer, then you’re definitely not human!

The Trend: Short and sharp workouts – also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Everyone who isn’t talking about these already will be talking about the power of these short, intense workouts before you know it. Using HIIT, gym rats can reach their fitness goals in around 30 minutes or less, all you need to do is alternate explosive bursts of tough exercise with short rest periods.
You’re guaranteed to burn loads of calories and kick your body's repair cycle into action, meaning you keep burning fat and calories for 24 hours after the session. Go hard, and then you can go home!

The Trend: Party workouts - Yes, these are as fun as they sound. You can now swap your gym workout for a cardio party where you can exercise in a fun atmosphere pumping music in a fun trendy location. Think indoor cycling to an 80’s disco or doing yoga in a nightclub with a cool catwalk show. Yes, these things really do exist!

The Trend: Bodyweight training - If you can’t get to the gym, don’t panic. According to the survey of new trends, using your bodyweight is just as effective as dumbbells. The best bit – bodyweight training can be done anywhere. In your living room, in an office at lunchtime or outside in the park. Think squats, press-ups, lunges and sit-ups. You can get an effective workout just about anywhere – so no excuses!

Lucy Miller
Freelance Fitness Editor (www.lucymiller.me.uk)
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