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Do What You've Always Done ...

posted on Friday, 27th May 2011 | find under 

... GET what you've always got!

I'm sure you've heard this before.  Perhaps you've applied it to work, career or love life.  But the same is true for your body.

If you've been yo-yo-ing within the same 1/2 stone on the scales for years, never able to dip under a a certain target weight, ask yourself, "have I ever changed the way I try to lose weight?"

Our bodies are masters of balance.  Cut calories for too long and your body adapts by lowering your metabolism. Permanently. Get stressed and your cortisol and stress hormones are raised. Constantly.

I know it's hard to believe that cutting calories and dieting are not the best ways to lose fat. For years we’ve had it drummed in to us by the diet industry. But consider their profit margins! Could your fear of not choosing their methods and therefore not reaching your desired weight be paying for someone's car? And there's a good reason people sign up year, after year, after year ...

How about instead, we consider how amazing our bodies are.  What if we got them into an optimum state of health and then worked with them to get to our goals?  Sound possible?  A new client I've seen remotely for just 3 weeks has already dipped under one of those certain weight mile stones for the first time in a very long while.  Yes she's been working hard but she hasn't counted a single calorie.

Here are my top five dos and don'ts of fat loss to help you change your habits:

Count calories
Buy/eat diet products
Forget that dieting is an industry, not the answer
Ditch fat
Do steady state exercise, eg: long distance running

Alkalise your diet
Eat lots of good fats
Change the way you train (intervals and weights are key)
Cut the sugar and sweetener habit
Get more 'me' time

And above all LOVE FOOD!

I'm going to be explaining more about all of the above over the next month so stay with me to find the real answers.

Thank You
By A fan - 14th September 2011
Thank you for your great posts. I just discovered the SB website and I need these constant reminders about healthy living to keep me motivated! All too often I reach for the honey drenched yoghurt snack....thanks for the positive vibe and tips.
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