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Do we really need to cut carbs to lose weight?

posted on Friday, 10th June 2011 | find under Fitness
THE simple answer is no.  You can lose weight on a calorie controlled diet or by starving yourself for a week on some kind of crazy detox.

BUT ... cutting back on carbs will help you to lose weight AND BODY FAT.  So if it's fat you want to lose, it pays to skip the pasta carbonara.

A study has found that people who were put on a moderately low carb diet lost more fat, in particular belly fat (the stuff that increases your risk of all those nasties like type 2 diabetes and heart disease).

In the study, from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, subjects were put on a lower calorie diet (1000 calories less per day). The subjects who were on a moderately low carb diet where the diet was rich in low GI foods, lost an extra 4% body fat over an 8 week period compared with subjects who were on the standard diet.

The study also found that the lower carb subjects had 11% less deep tummy fat than those that didn't cut carbs.

Carbs are great.  Yummy bread, pasta or jacket potatoes all have their place on your plate BUT if you are trying to lose a little lard, you just don't need it.

Try swapping potatoes for sweet potatoes or mashed swede and carrots, or switch porridge oats to quinoa porridge.  Get creative.

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