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Diary of a workout wardrobe: Cat Meffan

posted on Wednesday, 15th April 2015 | find under Fashion

Cat Meffan is the UK based jewellery designer and fitness blogger behind imperfectmatter.com, where she frequently posts about her workouts, yoga practice and nutrition finds. Here she gives us a private peek into her typical week in fitness, and the outfits she loves to wear for every workout…

Cat Meffan Sweaty Betty run outfit

Cat wears the Halasana Leggings with the Demi Dance Knitted Vest and Virasana Bra

Day: Wednesday
Workout: Circuit training

I absolutely love the Kayla Itsines' workouts. 30 minutes of high-intensity sweating gives me such a rush of endorphins! Kayla has created an amazing online community of girls completing her guides, so you’re constantly getting support from others. I always like to have a nice sports bra on underneath my vest, as I know that after the first 7-minute section I’ll be desperate to strip off!

Cat Meffan Sweaty Betty yoga outfit

Cat wears the Flow Yoga Vest, Circuit Tech HoodyHaven Retreat Pants and Virasana Bra

Day: Friday
Workout: Yoga

Friday is definitely my favourite morning of the week, starting with an amazing Sun Power Yoga class. I’m used to wearing leggings, so these pants were a new experience for me – and a very good one. I love how freely they move with my body. The crop top and tank are perfect for me too, as our studio usually gets quite warm with the sunshine on the windows and I like the versatility of covering up or peeling back the layers.

Cat Meffan Sweaty Betty sprint training

Cat Meffan Sweaty Betty sprint training

Cat wears the Resistance Workout Bra, Gait Run Shorts and Brise Dance Knitted Jumper

Day: Sunday
Workout: Sprint training

My partner Rob is one of my favourite people to work out with. He’s so good at motivating me and we help push each other further with each workout. We hadn’t done sprint training for a while, so I found this week’s session really tough. Running is such an amazing full body workout, and definitely one that requires me to wear the right clothing for maximum freedom of movement… and sweating! My body cools down quite quickly after doing sprints, so I like to have a jumper on hand while I’m walking back from the park or track.

Whose week in fitness would you love to see on the Sweaty Betty blog? Share your favourite sources of fitspiration over on Twitter and let us know your thoughts!

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