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Diary of a Workout Wardrobe #2: Sarah Kristiansen

posted on Tuesday, 21st January 2014 | find under Tamara, Fashion , Fitness, Nutrition
As a personal trainer, Group Exercise instructor and Sweaty Betty ambassador for our Westbourne Grove boutique, Sarah is the perfect candidate to work out in our new SS14 collection. Read on for Sarah’s fitness diary and reviews on what she wore for her workouts.

Day: Monday
Workout: Dance rehearsal
Where: Rudeye Dance Agency Studios, London

For my weekly dance training, my go-top is the Camden Vest. I like to wear something soft and loose for rehearsals as I'm often going from hot to cold, and need clothing I can trust to keep me comfortable. The fabric is so soft and has beautiful detail on the back. It also looks great with a pair of skinny jeans - perfect for a post-rehearsal lunch or coffee break, saving precious space in the gym bag!

Day: Tuesday
Workout: Boxing
Where: My Fitness Studio, London

Every now and then, I really enjoy hitting a few pads. It gets the heart rate up, makes me sweat and is a great stress releaser too. Today, I wore the Tension Training Tank which is ideal for boxing. I really like the freshness of the colour and the fit is amazing - there's no need to worry about your clothes staying where they need to, you can focus 100% on your workout - uppercuts, jabs and right hooks.

Day: Wednesday
Workout: Tuning in/stretching
Where: My apartment, London

When you work out a lot, like I do, some muscles tend to tighten up. To avoid this, I make sure I spend an hour working out with my foam roller once a week. Today, I start off with some core work; gently moving to assess which body parts are in need of attention. It’s vital to stay warm when stretching so I choose the Pratyahara Seamless Jacket - by far one of my most practical items from this season.

Day: Thursday
Workout: Weight Training
Where: My Fitness Studio, London

I first started weight training 12 months ago after I injured my hip, and had to focus my workouts on my upper body instead. A year later, I'm completely hooked on this form of training. I can clearly see how my physique has changed since I've been doing more weights and I feel so much stronger. For this session, I wore the Urdhva yoga leggings and Bakasana vest. The colours and statement-making print are amazing, and because the leggings are reversible, they're perfect for days when I don’t want to attract too much attention as I can simply turn them inside out for a more subtle look.

Day: Friday
Workout: Flywheel
Where: Shoreditch House, London

When teaching a Flywheel class, it is essential for my outfit to stay in place. I like the Chandrasana Yoga Leggings because they are so soft and stay looking amazing through the whole class. Flywheel is always at the forefront of hip and happening workouts, so these leggings are the perfect partner!
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