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Day 16: Breakfast of champions with Danielle Copperman

posted on Monday, 15th September 2014 | find under Fitness
Model and nutritionist Danielle Copperman (blogger at Model Mangetout and founder of Qnola) has joined forces with Sweaty Betty to bring you two breakfast-based challenges throughout the 30 Day Sweat Challenge, along with delicious recipes and advice on how best to fuel your body.

Wake up and fuel the day ahead with Danielle’s fantastic energy-boosting breakfast, plus find out why it's so good to start the day well.

Superfood Scramble

“My challenge is focused on breakfast and how important it is to consume essential nutrients and natural energy first thing in the morning,” explains Danielle. “The first thing you put inside your body in the morning will determine your mood, energy levels and ability to achieve. Without even knowing it, this meal has the potential to cleanse your body, kick-start your metabolism and ensure all cellular activity is optimal for the day ahead.

"For these reasons, my challenge is intended to get people focusing fully on their breakfast and getting as many nutrients and superfoods into their morning meal as possible. The most common excuse is the lack of time, so if – for two days – this challenge means waking up just ten minutes earlier, do it! I can make scrambled eggs quicker than I make a coffee.”  

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for many reasons,” says Danielle. “It is the meal from which you get energy to see you through the morning. It will dictate your mood, energy and metabolism, which will ultimately determine the outcome of your day and what you can achieve. Having something like a chocolate éclair in the morning will cause sugar highs and severe lows, and by the time you finish getting dressed you'll already be feeling tired, lacking in energy, and craving more sugar.”

Start the day with protein to increase energy levels, and include superfoods to increase energy levels and concentration, and regulate your appetite. Eating healthy fats for breakfast will support brain function and cellular activity."

So how to make breakfast instantly nutritious? Danielle advises “adding superfoods such as chia seeds to everything, only having small amounts of sugar, and opting for natural ingredients. Drink lots of water in the morning too - hot water is sometimes more palatable and wakes you up just as coffee does, thanks to the heat from the water kick-starting your metabolism.”


Ingredients: Almond milk, frozen blueberries, ginger, hemp seeds, maca, bee pollen and mint. For a chocolate version, add raw cacao and banana.
Directions: Blend berries with almond milk, then add all other ingredients. Add water if it needs thinning.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, eggs, chia seeds, avocado, chopped nuts, smoked salmon, garlic, spinach, basil, tomatoes, salt, lemon and asparagus (optional).

Directions: Heat coconut oil in saucepan. Add chopped tomatoes, garlic, basil and spinach. Simmer for 25 minutes on medium to low heat. Meanwhile, chop the avocado and place on a plate then mash with a fork, adding salt and lemon juice to taste. Place the smoked salmon on the plate too. Steam the asparagus now if you are including it. When the tomatoes are done, leave them on the heat whilst you sear the eggs. Heat coconut oil in a frying pan with salt, and add the eggs (unwhisked). Sear by stirring constantly so they cook (but not too much) and don’t stick to the pan or become too dry (they taste best when still a little wet). Add a little basil and place on the plate next to the avocado and salmon, then add the tomatoes and asparagus if using. Top the eggs with chopped nuts and chia seeds.

Don't forget to do your Hiitgirl workout today - workout at home with the online video then move onto day 17 tomorrow.
Wieght Problem
By jolie - 21st September 2014
am a diabetic and used weight 220 pound and I had my surgery for weight loss 3 year ago through that time I was doing exercise I felt loss I did loss weight but I wasn't happy with my self so I start to do yoga and pilates and start to feel better but now I gained 15pound back this scares me I think am not eat well help
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